He was educated at Hogwarts, where he was a prefect in Slytherin House. When Bertha Jorkins discovers the truth, the news reaches Voldemort, who rescues Crouch Jr. and puts Crouch Sr. under the Imperius Curse. Towards the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the Death Eaters attacked Hogwarts for the first time, leading to the death of Albus Dumbledore and injuries to several of the school's defenders. However, Bellatrix chose to flee when Dumbledore arrived, suggesting that, like her master, she held a degree of fear and caution for the powerful wizard. After the fall of the Dark Lord in 1981, Bellatrix along with three her husband Rodolphus, the latter's brother and Bartemius Crouch Junior set out to attack members of the Order of the Phoenix, hoping to interrogate them for information on Voldemort's whereabouts. Peter Mullan plays Yaxley in the film adaptation of Deathly Hallows. At the conclusion of the Battle of the Department of Mysteries, he grabbed her and Apparated away with her. Wanting to keep an eye on the wizarding world, he masquerades as a rat, first as Percy Weasley's pet, and then as Ron Weasley's. Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) Lucius next appears in the beginning of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire during the Quidditch World Cup, sharing prime seats in the Top Box with Minister for Magic Cornelius Fudge. As the series progresses, Snape's portrayal evolves from that of a malicious and partisan teacher to that of a complex, pivotal character of moral ambiguity, whose true loyalties are not revealed until the end. Her death was the only one that he attempted to avenge before Harry Potter intervened. [12] She is described as being highly attractive yet emaciated due to her time in Azkaban. Bellatrix was also egotistical and arrogant, described by Harry as "treat[ing] everyone like scum" in a rather taunting way. The pair remained loyal to the Dark Lord throughout the war, even after he was "defeated" by the infant Harry Potter. He reprised the role in both parts of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Wormtail begins strangling Harry with the silver hand, but when reminded by Harry that he once saved his life, Wormtail hesitates for a moment. Death Eaters have also attacked pure-bloods who oppose them. He uses Thicknesse to Imperius the other major department heads and they allow Voldemort to murder Rufus Scrimgeour; thus Thicknesse becomes Minister for Magic. [15], Bellatrix had an illegitimate daughter with Lord Voldemort, named Delphini, who was born in secret at Malfoy Manor in the late 1990s. Dolohov and Yaxley are later sent to look for Harry, and they mistakenly thought the boy would not give himself up. He is also described as "a man with yellowish teeth whose smile does not reach his cold stare". Bellatrix Lestrange (r. Black) (1951. The Death Eaters seek complete power and control over the entire Wizarding world, wishing to restrict leadership to a small band of pure-bloods. She had a close relationship with her younger sister Narcissa Malfoy, grudgingly going with her to Snape's house to ask his help and didn't tell her master of her sister's deception. In Half-Blood Prince, Rowling depicts the Gaunts as a family who are obsessed with their ancestry and driven to inbreeding to preserve its integrity. Title(s) Pettigrew confesses his treachery, claiming to have committed it only to save his own life. Despite her proclaimed loyalty towards her master, even Bellatrix hesitated when Voldemort said that he would need to borrow a wand from them in order to circumvent the problem of his own wand refusing to kill Harry, looking much like her colleagues "as though he had asked to borrow one of their arms". Before her death, Bellatrix secretly gave birth to an illegitimate daughter named Delphini, whom she conceived with her beloved master, Lord Voldemort. Known as the most savage werewolf, favoured hunting and attacking young children. Frank and Alice Longbottom. Yaxley announces to an impressed assemblage of Death Eaters that he has placed the Imperius Curse upon Pius Thicknesse, the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. [19] Bellatrix didn't live long enough to watch her daughter grow up; this left the infant Delphi an orphan as her father had been. If so, she believed her master's lie over the truth from the enemy. It is possible that Bellatrix was on good terms with her other cousin, Regulus, who was also a Death Eater during the First Wizarding War. Species All the Black sisters married pure-blood wizards, except for Andromeda who married Muggle-born Ted Tonks and was disowned by the family. [3] She was the only known Death Eater to have never trusted Severus Snape in spite of her master doing so. Bella[5][6][7][8] (by Narcissa Malfoy, Voldemort & Severus Snape) Crouch lives bereft of his memories or sense of self. Slytherin[12] He and his companion Rowle are stunned, and have their memories erased by Hermione and then are punished by Voldemort. Blood status [Source]. He then informed her that the sword had been found in the Trio's tent. [4] He was the one to whom she spoke in a romantic manner. Bellatrix participated in several battles of the Second Wizarding War, making it a particular goal to murder any relatives who were members of the Order of the Phoenix. Early in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire a group of Death Eaters rallied after the Quidditch World Cup. Ralph Ineson plays Amycus, and Suzie Toase appears as Alecto in the films, wherein they are reduced to non-speaking roles. He abducts a Ministry of Magic employee named Bertha Jorkins, who is able to provide Voldemort with valuable information. [15] She showed her obsessive loyalty to her master's cause in telling her sister that she should be proud, instead of being worried, that her son was not "shrinking away from his duty. Lucius, who had been important both to the Death Eaters and within the Ministry, was captured and imprisoned. Gave, Specialised in the Imperius Curse. Ever since he was old enough to understand why his parents needed to be hospitalised, Neville had despised Bellatrix Lestrange, but given his benign nature, he never sought vengeance against her. Along with her friends, Hermione managed to escape, but her friend Dobby died at Bellatrix's hands. She was the elder sister of Andromeda and Narcissa Black. Snape's calm, reasonable, and logical answers to her aggressive questioning rendered her dissatisfied, but temporarily without retort. Assaulted people within Hogwarts and accidentally killed the Death Eater Gibbon. Although Pettigrew appears in the first two books in the form of Scabbers, his identity is not revealed until Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in which he is the main antagonist. Crouch Sr. escapes and, exhausted and delirious from the Imperius Curse, reaches Hogwarts to tell Dumbledore about Voldemort's return; but his loyal Death-Eater son murders him on the castle grounds, transfigures the body into a bone, and buries the bone in freshly turned earth in front of Hagrid's cabin.[7]. A young Bellatrix (middle) with her younger sisters, Narcissa and Andromeda. Placed Imperius Curse on, This page was last edited on 19 December 2020, at 02:03. Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) (1951 –) was a pure-blood witch, the eldest daughter of Cygnus Black III and Druella Black (née Rosier) and elder sister of Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy. Thus, the wealthy Malfoy continues to maintain strong ties with the Ministry.[14]. Bellatrix took the pure-blood values of her family very seriously, as indicated by her marriage into a known pure-blood wizarding family and her zealous belief in Death Eater ideology. [5] At some point, Bellatrix trained Draco in Occlumency to aid him in his mission. In Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Greyback first appears on the night of Dumbledore's death, when he attacks Harry and badly scars Bill Weasley. She was tall and proud. Bellatrix Lestrange Harry Potter liburu saileko pertsonaia da. Besides this, Narcissa Malfoy was as fair as Bellatrix was dark.[5]. Her wanted poster is featured on an official Warner Brothers Harry Potter t-shirt, which says that Bellatrix was convicted for murder. Bellatrix Lestrange (née Black) is the first female Death Eater introduced in the books. Bellatrix was described as being slavishly devoted to her master, regarding him with "worshipful fascination" and speaking to him in a romantic way. [4] He is known as the most savage werewolf ever to live and is greatly feared throughout the wizarding world. She thought the group had stole it from her vault, but even through this pressure, Hermione lied that it was a fake and Griphook helped get that across. Seeing Lucius's extreme failure and the confiscation of his wand, Bellatrix treated him with disdain and contempt, showing him little to no respect during their argument of summoning Voldemort for capturing Harry.[3]. Voldemort's death signalled the end of all Death Eaters. In the Riddle era, there is said to be a Lestrange among Voldemort's earlier supporters. They were mentioned the first time directly in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Marital status At the onset of the Skirmish at Malfoy Manor, the mere sound of her voice when she appeared in the fray was enough to make his fear reach a new high. With a slightly variable magnitude of around 1.6, it is about the 25th-brightest star in the night sky. Later in the book, Lucius, along with his wife and sister-in-law, accidentally allow Harry and his friends to escape from Malfoy Manor. She was also furious when Harry spoke of Voldemort's half-blood status and Muggle father. They are a terrorist group of wizards and witches, led by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who seek to purify the wizarding community by eliminating wizards and witches born to non-magical parents. Brothers. However, Bellatrix's death didn't allow her to discover that her initial mistrust of Snape had been valid after all.[3]. With the rest of the Death Eaters immobilised and caught by the Ministry only moments later, Bellatrix was the only Death Eater not to be apprehended due to Voldemort intervening on her behalf, a testament to his acknowledgement of her loyalty to him. [4], Once Harry realised that Voldemort was indeed present, Bellatrix pleaded with her master not to be punished and tried to warn him that Dumbledore was nearby, but he ignored her and concentrated on attempting to kill Harry. Defeated before the Battle of Hogwarts by Harry Potter and Minerva McGonagall. Bellatrix est une étoile géante bleue de la constellation d'Orion. Also known as He positions himself close to his victims when the moon is almost full. The following characters are Death Eaters identified by name during the series, and the crimes they committed. Death Eaters are characters featured in the Harry Potter series of novels and films. The Ministry rounded many of them up and imprisoned them in the Wizarding prison Azkaban, but some eluded justice by claiming they were bewitched by the Imperius Curse (it is implied that Lucius Malfoy did so) or by turning in other Death Eaters, as Igor Karkaroff did; Harry witnesses Karkaroff's testimony against former Death Eaters in Albus Dumbledore's Pensieve during the course of the series. Bellatrix "Bella" Lestrange, née Black, merupakan watak rekaan dalam siri Harry Potter yang dikarang J. K. Rowling.Dalam novel, watak Bellatrix berkembang dari watak tak bernama kepada antagonis utama. [21], Fictional villainous characters in the Harry Potter series of novels and films, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, "J K Rowling at the Edinburgh Book Festival", Forbes Fictional 15, No. Griphook also managed to lie, obeying Harry's request to not tell Bellatrix the truth, keeping the trio's secret safe. Bellatrix was described as being highly attractive in the pensieve, with heavily lidded eyes, and sleek, thick, shining black hair. The revived Triwizard Tournament is held at Hogwarts, and Voldemort tasks Crouch Jr. with making sure Harry wins. 1. Pettigrew (almost always referred to as "Wormtail" hereafter) assists Barty Crouch Jr. in overpowering Mad-Eye Moody, setting up the events in the fourth book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He is described as a neat, fussy-looking man with an oily voice and manner who sports a small grey goatee. However, he never returned her feelings as he was incapable of understanding love and disliked the idea of being emotionally attached to anyone. Bellatrix eagerly attacked her niece, Nymphadora Tonks, on at least three occasions. Bellatrix is the third brightest star in the constellation Orion. Human When they visit him in Azkaban, Mrs. Crouch used Polyjuice Potion to switch appearances with her son, enabling him to escape while she remains in his place. [15], According to Forbes magazine, in 2006, Lucius Malfoy was number 12 on their Forbes Fictional 15 list. Bartemius "Barty" Crouch, Junior was captured with Bellatrix Lestrange and Rodolphus Lestrange, who tortured Frank and Alice Longbottom, parents of Neville Longbottom, into insanity. After the incident at Malfoy Manor, Hermione used a hair of Bellatrix that had fallen on her while she was torturing her to change herself into Bellatrix using Polyjuice Potion, therefore letting her sneak into Gringotts, as Diagon Alley was infested with Death Eaters.[3].

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